Understanding Astrology

astrology, natal chart

Many people know that astrology is a tool to define the processes and energies that rule the entire Universe.

Other people believe that it is a method to observe and follow planets and other celestial bodies and to understand the nature of space energy. Very old knowledge states that we are a part of a microcosm. The energetic flows of these bodies create special patterns for our everyday life. Often, these energies can tell us the possible future and help us organize some events in our life in a better way. As a result, people created and developed a special system that transforms this energy into symbols and helps to efficiently arrange everyday life.

What do the movements of the planets mean for us?

According to the http://astrology.care resource, the birth chart of yours determines the positioning of the planets in the moment of your birth. According to Astrology, we all have the features and peculiarities that correspond to the year, season and month of our birth. So, natal chart demonstrates your inborn skills and idiosyncrasies of a certain time period. It also gives you a general understanding of what person you are and what your tendencies are.

What are horoscopes based on?

Horoscopes are based on the special order of Zodiac signs tightly connected with the Sun. Most people know them all quite good. The Sun charges us with inner energy every day, giving us natural powers. It is the point to start learning Astrology from. If you are interested you can read more about other identities and matches, and decide whether they coincide.

What's next in Astrology?

In order to get extra information regarding other issues like other planets, you need to look at your natal chart. If you know the precise time of your birth, you will be able to get a profound knowledge about yourself. If you still want more, try to read the manifestations and effects of the Moon. The Moon usually influences our feelings, disposition, individual wishes and is a basis of our emotional state.