What are moon signs?


A lot of people know about their sun signs. But the knowledge about moon signs is considerably lesser. Moon sign is an Indian based astrology method to calculate ones fate. There are just 12 sun signs, one for every month.

So a lot of people fall under the same sun sign. In such a case one can’t absolutely say that all the people with the same sun have the same characteristics, same love life and same fate. No two individual can have the same life. This is where moon signs come in. If two people with same sun signs are different then it means that they are being influenced by their moon signs. Sun signs are nothing but the position the sun’s in at the time of one’s birth.

Similarly moon sign is the position the moon’s in at the time of one’s birth. Sun doesn’t change its position that much, only once in a month. So the accuracy is much lesser. On the other hand, moon changes its position almost every day. So there is a chance for a more accurate prediction.

Sun signs show only the outer personality of a person, a layout of their characters. But moon signs are used to delve much deeper. They are used to get an in depth understanding of the person’s personality. It is almost like getting into their mind and reading them. This is not such a surprise because moon has been considered to be magical from the ancient times. Also the ancient Greeks and Romans used the moon signs for their predictions.

They are calculated at the time of birth itself. They are also used to find about the person’s past lives and how it would affect their present life. There is an Indian belief that a person’s past life sins are carried on to their present life and they have to make amends for it now. Thus moon signs are used for these past and present prediction purposes.