Develop Harmony through Chen Style Tai Chi

Practiced for thousands of years, Tai Chi is a traditional Chinese exercise that soothes the mind as it strengthens the body. Because of its pace, it can be practiced by people of all ages and the principles contained within the movements can be applied in daily life to create peaceful harmony. In this DVD, Master Guangzhi Xing teaches you the two most popular Chen style forms of Tai Chi: Chen Style Form and Chen Style Broad Sword Form.

Through these forms, you’ll learn to combine balance, coordination and breathing with harmonious movements to renew and invigorate your body, mind and spirit.

After warming up, you’ll discover detailed instruction of the movements that make up the two forms. Master Xing demonstrates the complete form from a variety of angles… then breaks each movement down with detailed instruction.

Possess the ability to channel your inner energy in your martial arts practice and through your daily life with these Chen style forms of Tai Chi.