My moon sign


Most of us know about our sun sign but hardly half of us know about our moon sign. Moon sign is determined by the position of moon at the time of your birth. Like sun sign, your moon sign also affects your personality. Moon sign along with sun sign will tell you unconscious behaviour and personality. Also the current position of moon also has a great influence on moods and expressions. Moon sign plays a significant role in one's life and is therefore regarded as the powerful force from astrological view point. Your moon sign tells about your instincts and inner self. Moon sign of an individual greatly influences his/her emotions, relationships, love life and future. A moon sign table and moon sign chart will tell you about your moon sign. You should know your exact date, day, month, year and place of birth. The moon sign plays a significant role in giving the insight of one's emotional nature.

A moon sign is where the moon was in reference to zodiac sign when you were born. Since the mind of a person is ruled by forces of moon and all influences on a person, be it mental, physical, supernatural, psychological affect the human mind. Having knowledge about your moon sign will help you know yourself in a much better way knowing your likes and weaknesses giving you a chance to work upon your negative sides. With the information provided by moon sign zodiac and moon sign report you will find ways to live a meaningful life. It will help you achieve inner peace and guide you in discovering the purpose of your life. Your moon sign zodiac increases the conscious awareness of nature of reality. You will get to know your qualities and disqualifies through your moon sign zodiac.