The Art of Character Assassination in Cyberspace

Perhaps the best and most comprehensive overview of the conflict, as of last spring, is the article by Rollo Tomassi entitled “Sex, Lies and Ouiji Boards.” For those wanting an even more basic breakdown, here is a simple outline of events:

1994 – Laura Knight and Fred Irland began to channel the Cassiopaeans.

1995 – Laura met Tom French, a writer at the St. Pete Times, at a UFO conference. He begins an article on her.

1996 – Laura decided that her husband, Lewis Martin, was a zombie replacement sent to stop her from evolving by evil lizard aliens and divorced him.

1997 – Ark Jadczyk’s first visit.

1998 – They marry.

1999 – In May, I began exchanging emails with Ms. Laura Knight Jadczyk. This continued until March of 2000.

February 2000 – The long awaited article on Laura and the Cassiopaeans appears in St. Pete Times on the day before Valentine’s Day. Our first exchange ended soon after.