The Scam of the Millennium Revealed

The most recent phase of the cultic career of Laura Knight Jadczyk and the Cassiopaeans began roughly three months ago when her new improved website went up. It featured a news page, Signs of the Times, which actually did a fairly good job of covering the news that fell between the cracks of the mainstream. That is if you have a high tolerance for idiotic gloating and endless quotes from their peculiar channeled source, the Cassiopaeans, who are either 6th density time-traveling aliens, or,according to the latest interpretation, Laura herself in the future. And if you were curious, and had a strong enough stomach to read through the terrible prose and demeaning sneers, you'd find the basic dogma of a dangerous doomsday cult behind that veneer of radical reporting. Part of their dogma is the entrenched belief that we, Jay Weidner and Vincent Bridges, are psychopathic non-human intelligence agents, "Organic Portals" in their cult jargon, sent by the Matrix to destroy her work. Strangely enough, this is very similar to the delusion she held about her first husband, Lewis Martin, as described in the biographic epic, The Exorcist in Love, by Tom French.

Three months later, everyone except the dozen or so people living on the farm in France, and maybe not even all of them, have become non-human psychopaths out to make Laura's life miserable. As they resist being evicted from their miraculously delivered farm, and the new scam, a move to a Chateau near Bordeaux, falls apart before it evens gets going, trouble gathers like storm clouds over Laura and the Cassiopaeans.