Bible numerology

bible numerology

Most of the people believe in the concept of numerology. In fact, this belief that numbers represent symbols as well as have hidden meanings is also reflected in The Bible.

It is believed that the numbers are also associated with certain gods, goddesses, colors, flowers, and gemstones. Thus, bible numerology is the term which is given to this concept by the people. As per the bible numerology, number 1 represents one God as believed in the Islamic, Jewish and Christian religions. When it comes to the number two, it is believed that it best symbolizes the love or the dance of courtship between two people.

While number 3 is basically associated with the union of divine and the humans. On the other hand, number deals with solidity or in other terms, steadfastness. The number 5 is believed to represent marriage as per Pythagoras. Besides, there is number 6 which is believed by the Christians, Jews and Muslims to be the day when man was created. Number 7 is regarded as sacred as it is believed to be the holiest day after the 6th day of man’s creation. However number 8 deals with unhappiness and imperfection. Thus there are even more hidden symbols which are represented by other numbers.

Bible number 10

bible number 10

Number 10 is one of the perfect numbers and is very significant in Biblical numerology. It is significant of the perfection that exists in Divine order.