Bible number 10

book number 10

Number 10 is one of the perfect numbers and is very significant in Biblical numerology. It is significant of the perfection that exists in Divine order. It marks the beginning of altogether a new series of number after number 9. The mathematical significance of number 10 is that the system of numeration consists of a number of tens.

The universal importance of the number 10 is that it signifies the completion of a cycle or an order. It marks a complete round of anything. Noah had completed the antediluvian age at the end of the tenth generation. The Ten Commandments are complete and perfect and they contain all that is necessary and nothing that is unnecessary. The order as well as the number of the Commandments is perfect. The Lord’s Prayer is complete in ten clauses and every clause number has a significance of its own. The tenth clause signifies the completion of eternal cycles. The ten plagues that occurred in Egypt represented the complete cycle of God’s judgment. Abraham had to go through ten trials to prove his faith. The tenth generation is significant of the completion of the entire family or nation. There are ten instances in the Old Testament where younger sons were given preference over elder sons. While examining the occurrences of the number 10 in the Bible another aspect that is revealed is that number 10 represents human failure. The 10 spies failed to walk with God and do what he asked for. The magicians and astrologers were ten times weaker than Daniel. The ten lepers were unsuccessful in curing themselves they needed Jesus’ help to do so.

Thus we see that number 10 signifies the completion of a round or a cycle. It marks the beginning of a whole new series of number. Number 10 is one of the perfect numbers.