The Case Evidence


For Laura Knight Jadczyk, the Cassiopaeans are a lie told so often that it has become truth. To be blunt, it may be an example of pathology run wild.

When a person is lying to himself so deeply and so consistently and with such thoughts as aberrant believe that your self in the future speaks to you through ouiji board, then madness seems the only conclusion.

Laura Knight Jadczyk has been telling lies, and believing them with great conviction, since childhood. The Cassiopaeans are just the latest and most grandiose attempt by a desperately lonely person to gain some attention, some notice, some respect, whether deserved or not.

Of course the Cassiopaeans are just Laura in the future, wasn’t that obvious from the beginning?

If you are reading this, you are probably interested in one way or another in the long sad and sordid saga of Laura Knight Jadczyk and her mis-adventures with the Cassiopaeans. You might have seen their site, or even read some of Laura’s work. You might be one of her fans, or even a follower, perhaps even one of those who contribute to her life style in France because you like what she has to say. No matter, the truth by now should plain for all to see. Laura Knight Jadczyk is in service to no one but herself.